Polarized Glasses

Have you ever been disappointed by a pair of sunglasses that seemed unable to protect your eyes against glare from roadways, ski slopes or water? Chances are that those glasses didn't include polarization. Polarized lenses are specially crafted to keep that reflected light from bouncing painfully into your eyes. Here at Lakeside Eye Associates, we're happy to offer a variety of polarized glasses for your outdoor needs.

How Polarized Glasses Work

To understand what polarization is and what polarized glasses can do for your eyes, it's first important to recognize that sunlight doesn't reach your eyes from a single direction. The sun's rays are reflected off of objects at a variety of angles. When light from highly-reflective bright surfaces such as lakes or beaches bounces upward, they cause an intense form of glare that interferes with vision.
Polarized lenses aim to solve this annoying, potentially hazardous problem. These specialized lenses have had a special filter added to them which blocks light reflected off of horizontal angles. The resulting glare reduction can make polarized sunglasses even more effective than non-polarized sunglasses at providing clear, comfortable vision. It’s important to note, however, that whole polarization blocks an extra degree of visible light, it does not increase whatever UV protection your lenses already have. That's why it's still important to make sure you're getting high-quality sunglasses that offer total UV protection as well as polarization.

Polarization And Other Protective Options At Our Optometry Clinic

The smartest strategy when searching for the ultimate in glare protection is to get your prescription sunglasses here at Lakeside Eye Associates. Our optometry clinic can provide polarized glasses in a variety of tints and styles. Depending on your preferred outdoor activity, we can recommend different grades of polarization, from the thinner .75-millimeter filters suitable for most casual pursuits to the thicker 1.1-millimeter filters for serious glare challenges (such as the blinding reflections from water while fishing). At the same time, we can make sure your glasses are providing your eyes with full "UV 400" protection (blocking all wavelengths up to 400 nanometers).

Whether you spend lots of time driving, fishing, skiing, sailing, or simply having fun on the sand, you deserve the chance to see as clearly as possible without constantly squinting and straining. If you're in the market for that perfect new pair of polarized glasses, call Lakeside Eye Associates today at 704-896-3311 to set up an eye appointment and vision testing. We'll check your prescription, make any necessary updates, and show you our dazzling array of eyewear options!